Metropolitan Management Company has been very effective manager of a number of properties in which I have an ownership interest. In addition, they have excellent and timely reporting of property results so I’m always up to speed on building.

Bill BarclaySeattle, WA

I am an investor of several properties under the administration of Metropolitan Management Co. It has been my experience to receive well written and detailed reporting that require fewer questions needing to be asked. And, if there any questions, they are responded to quickly. Metropolitan Management Co. is known as an industry leader in safely managing and enhancing building equity year over year; Mr. Russo’s vast experience allows for knowledgeable decisions made on behalf of his clients. I worry less because of the type of management service and services provided Metropolitan Management Co.

Regina BarkerBellevue, WA

I have been investing with Metropolitan Management for almost 24 years. During that time I have found that their Owners, Management team and Staff have always been upfront and professional. I have partnered with them in more than 20 buildings. Most all of them have paid back my full investment and more. The only time that we had some problems was during the banking crisis around 2010, and that was of no fault of Metropolitan Management. Thank you for all your help and support over the years.

Mike FortunJupiter, FL

I have had a 24 year relationship with Ray and Linda Russo, Jeanne Sommerville, and their firm Metropolitan Management. That alone would be enough but that’s really just the beginning. I should mention the strength of the senior employees too – Steve Barrett works tirelessly on everything from expense cutting, reporting and certainly loan and refinance duties. I think Ray and senior management approaches every aspect of the firm with great integrity and transparency. When I ask for help understanding statements – I get timely answers. Reporting is on time and complete. If I have a question I get documented answers always.

Mike Wiesmann,Bellevue, WA

My experience with Metropolitan Management as an investor and owner has been a plus over a span of several years. Those years include good markets and bad markets over span of 12 plus years. The company has been forthright in their communications and has been very good in keeping me informed of prospective actions and potential problems. They have kept on top of all the properties I am associated with and have sent out comprehensive monthly statements and necessary tax documents. They have updated and repaired properties as required and within available funds. I believe they are good at keeping costs in line and in keeping properties fully occupied. I feel their management fees are reasonable and provide a good economic return. I would recommend them to anyone in the market for comprehensive property management.

Robert SchwartzSeattle, WA

I have dealt with Metropolitan Management Company for over 20 years. My experience has always been that they handle all aspects of the transactions in a professional manner. The true test of any investment opportunity is how they treat you when times are rough. As anyone knows, the real estate market took some tough hits in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Ray Russo, Jeanne Sommerville and Steve Barrett were always up front in discussing options and situations and they did a fantastic job of getting us through the really difficult times.   I have been with them in the good times and their service is fabulous then, but what really impressed me was how they handled themselves when bad news came. I highly recommend using Metropolitan Management Company for any real estate investments. I am currently enjoying the returns on several investments with them. 

Robert SantucciSeattle, WA